About Lovetunes

Welcome!! This is the website of Lovetunes. We are playing love songs, romantic hits and easy listening from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today.

Since I was a young boy i was really interested in making radio. When i was 13 years old my first radio adventure started at the local radio station ‘Omroep Voorne’. I made radio there for quite a while with a show that was mainly focussed on dance music. From then on I was addicted to Radio.

As i got older my taste in music became wider and i discovered that there was much more music to explore. My focus was on love songs and easy listening music. There was no space for this at the local radio station and meanwhile internet radio was emerging. So i started my own internet Radio.

When I started with internet radio I found out that it was not so easy, because internet radio was still small and had to grow. So I started with Winamp and Shoutcast. The station was called ‘Sweet Radio’. This was really fun but after a few year I wanted more. There were new developments in the field of internet radio. I bought SAM Broadcaster, streamhosting and webhosting. This is how Radio Lovetunes was born and grew into what it is today with more than 7000 unique listeners a month from over 120 countries.